Author Boyd Smith

Boyd Smith AuthorBoyd Kenyon Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business/Psychology, a Master’s in Whole Systems Design, a Master’s in Organizational Development, and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems. He currently teaches online for two universities in a number of subjects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and he currently writes mostly for a corporate audience as well as designing and developing curriculum for two universities.

Dr. Smith enjoys research regarding human and organizational systems. He uses a holistic view and a whole systems philosophy to develop cogent arguments for Faith-based Prosperity. A faith-based approach is essential to provide a solid foundation from which to operate. Then, prosperity sub-domains can be better analyzed and integrated into a cohesive plan that can provide easy and fundamental ways to achieve a high level of life success.

Through Boyd’s studies in Human and Organizational Systems for his doctorate, he has developed a passion for sharing this knowledge with everyone. The premise is predicated on a spiritual foundation as necessary to achieve any meaningful long-term prosperity. After decades of business, teaching, and life experience, Dr. Smith has discovered a primary key to prosperity at the individual level. By understanding this premise, people are able not only to develop their own keys to prosperity, but to expand prosperous living to couple relationships, nuclear family connections, community, region, and national and even international levels.

Through Right-Life-Relationships and Quantum Interactions, Dr. Smith demonstrates how the search for prosperity can be developed into a lifelong process of achievement and success. Prosperity for everyone is possible. His primary goal is to help make that happen.

Not only are there new domains of knowledge to consider, but also practical applications are found to help guide individuals to lives of increasing fulfillment, prosperity, and joy of living in the immediate presence of an eternal God. We need to experience His presence in our lives on a Quantum, Moment-by-Moment basis.

Boyd is the author of Faith-based Prosperity.