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Great editing doesn’t have to be a great struggle. You’re about to learn how to master the editing process.

Hey there it’s Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible series and founder of TCK Publishing. Welcome to the Publishing Profits Podcast where our mission is to help you turn your writing into a profitable career.

Today we have a very special guest for you. Her name is Barbara Rogan and she’s worked in almost every area of the publishing industry over the last thirty years. She’s a multi-published author of 9 novels, founder of a literary agency, and a highly esteemed professional editor. Barbara has taught fiction writing at SUNY Farmingdale and Hofstra and also teaches online courses for writers.

In today’s show, Barbara shares some great ideas and best practices for becoming a better writer, mastering the editing process and choosing the right editor for you. Whether you’re a brand new novelist, a non-fiction writer or an experienced bestselling author, Barbara’s wealth of information and experience in the publishing industry can help you become even better.

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Here are just a few things Barbara shares in this interview:

  • How to find the right editor for your needs and goals.
  • The most effective route to becoming a better writer (it’s not about relying on your editor to make you better! Instead, it’s all about your work ethic, practice and willingness to learn, make mistakes and correct as you go).
  • The role an editor plays, and the roles they don’t play (and how to never make the mistake of asking your editor to do the impossible).
  • How to know when you’re ready to hire an editor, and when it’s up to you to keep self-editing and move the manuscript closer to completion.
  • Some great tips on plotting, planning and structure for your novels and nonfiction books.
  • How the internet has completely changed the way books are marketed and promoted in just a few short years, and why even traditionally published “old school” authors must learn new tricks if they want to succeed in this new world of publishing.
  • How social media, blogging, podcasts, online book tours, and other forms of media are becoming huge influencers when it comes to readers’ buying decisions.
  • And much more!

Note: I’m sorry the sound quality is pretty poor in this episode! There was a problem with Barbara’s mic. But trust me, this interview is a gem, so hang in there because there’s a lot of wisdom shared by this wonderful woman!

So grab your notebook and pen and get ready to take notes, because you’re about to learn how to make some serious Publishing Profits.

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