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Steve Scott started out as a regular guy who just wanted to stay home with his family and work from home. He started his blog several years ago and was supporting his family on the income from his site with affiliate marketing and ads.

A few years ago, Steve figured out how to self publish his own books on Kindle and he’s now published more than 16 books in his own name and dozens more under pen names. Steve has become one of the Top 100 Business & Investing authors on Amazon (appearing at #1 in all of Kindle for Business & Investing Authors numerous times,), and he’s also commonly listed as a Top 100 Self-Help author on Amazon Kindle as well.

In today’s show, Steve shares his story along with tips for how authors like you can successful self publish and become a bestselling author. I think you’ll love Steve’s incredibly humble attitude and clear, concise and insightful advice.

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Show Notes

Here are a few things Steve and I discuss on the show:

  • How to be more productive, write more and get more done with good writing habits.
  • A few powerful book marketing strategies and promotion ideas that can help you attract tons of new readers, fans and followers in a short period of time.
  • How Steve finds new book ideas, how to do market research, and how to know what nonfiction books will sell well before you even write them.
  • Why blogging is such a great tool for building your author platform and following.
  • Why giving away a free email opt-in in every single book is such a great idea, and how you can build your audience quickly using this one simple strategy.
  • Why giving away books, blog posts and content for free is crucial to your long-term success (people love free stuff, and it creates a powerful tool for attracting new readers and fans).
  • Why education marketing is the best free marketing strategy in the world.
  • How to become a true expert in your field (you’ll be amazed what you can achieve when you put your mind to it and love what you do).
  • How Steve’s experience in affiliate marketing helped him become a better marketer for his own books.
  • Why your passions and interests are the keys to your success.

So grab your notebook and pen and get ready to take notes, because you’re about to learn how to make some serious Publishing Profits.

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More About the Show

I’m Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible series and founder of TCK Publishing. Welcome to the Publishing Profits Podcast where our mission is to help you turn your writing into a profitable career.