I have been a writer for most of my life.

My writing path has taken me from the first grade kid publishing poems in the local newspaper, to the high school journalism club and the year book committee, later, on down the newspaper reporter path and finally the path into free lance journalism. While I had published stories in magazines and a number of small journals, I did not dip into the book publishing business until the new age high technology publishing revolution dawned upon us all around the year 2000 or so.

kindle direct publishing

Since then my titles have really been rolling out. My four most well known titles include: A Divine Matrimony Of The Hallowed Deuce, The Grand Army Of The Golden Eagle, Escape To Seraphim Island and: The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion; all of which are now readily available on Kindle.

To be quite honest, I chose kindle because I observed the revolutionary turn from print books to the domination of e-books. I had family who managed a number of university book stores that had warned me of the rise in the e-book phenomenon. The prediction was that e-books would squelch out the physical written books very  soon. The advice given was that since I could never expect to fight the raging forward flood of technology, then I might as well just join in the fun!

This advice based on the families first hand observation was what motivated me to focus my publishing attention on the e-book, and since Kindle statistically was the most dominant, best selling e-literary device on the e-book market, then certainly I wanted in to be a part of the new dawning program. That’s how and why I joined in on the Kindle market.

My best advice for the author aspiring to make use of Kindle’s fabulous publishing program is first to be persistent. Keep trying to learn the program and how to get the most positive, effective use from it. Rate the books of other authors who write books similar to yours.

Build an author page complete with loads of specific details and especially, your very best professional picture. An author’s readers love to get to know the writers of the works that they enjoy, up close and just as personal as possible. Now with the new Kindle direct program that sends it’s invitation out to all aspiring authors, marketing and making the most out of all that Kindle has to offer the writer should become easier than ever before!

Cheers  to the brotherhood of writers!

H.L. Dowless, author of A Divine Matrimony Of The Hallowed Deuce