Online commerce has become a massive industry, and thanks to technology it’s much easier (and more affordable) for any small business owner, author, creator or entrepreneur to reach customers all over the world. This presents an amazing opportunity for anyone promoting or selling products online and internationally.

It also creates some serious problems to overcome.

Oftentimes, stores and content are country, device, or operating system specific. Sending someone to a destination not right for them means a lost conversion, and a poor user experience.

Tracking Links

Here’s a quick example:

Global online stores like Amazon and iTunes are actually separate, country or region-specific storefronts, most with their own unique accounts, languages, and currency. If you send Android users to buy items from the iOS App Store, or send a US customer to, what you get are really low conversions and a horrible customer experience.

If you’re utilizing affiliate programs like the Amazon Associates Program, you may only be earning commissions from a single storefront and not from any international sales.

The Purchasing Gap Has Never Been Bigger

All of these issues add up to create something the folks at Geniuslink (formerly GeoRiot) calls the Purchasing Gap, which is the rift between the product you’re promoting and where each individual person wants and needs to visit in order to purchase your product.

Unfortunately, a US-based Amazon customer can’t buy a Kindle eBook from, and a Germany-based Amazon customer can’t buy the book on Either you have to include a link to every single Amazon store so that no customers fall into the gap (which takes a lot of time to manage, and can lower conversions by diluting your call-to-action), or you need a universal tracking link.

Other Problems with Regular Link Tracking Tools

On top of the Purchasing Gap, there are other issues when promoting an item online that can cause your marketing to fail:

  • Lacking insight into your marketing campaigns. “Raw” product URLs won’t tell you who clicked your links, how many clicks you received, or if any of your links actually triggered a sale.
  • When your promotions go live to the world and you’re using a raw link, it can’t be edited. If the link is wrong, or changes for any reason, that campaign is now worthless, and there’s no way to salvage it.
  • Generally, you can only add retargeting pixels to web pages like your site or blog, and not to your links around the web.

About Geniuslink

Over the last five years Geniuslink has evolved into the most advanced link shortening service available for commerce across all sites.

  • They have deep roots in global affiliate marketing, and know first-hand how authors, entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers are using link tracking and what we need do to a better job and provide a better experience for our customers and readers.
  • The team at GeoReot originally focused on building “automagic” links (what I call Universal Tracking Links) for two of largest stores in the world – iTunes & Amazon.

Now, Geniuslink is opening up their amazing link tracking and analytics tools for all online commerce businesses and needs.

Here’s just a few of the benefits of using these new universal tracking links for your business:

  • A “smarter” link provides a better user experience by eliminating hurdles to purchasing and consuming the content that you promised and your customers really want (no more broken links or lost sales from a customer going to the wrong store or platform).
  • This better user experience gets you higher conversion rates, meaning more sales without spending any extra money on marketing or promotion than you currently do.
  • More conversions means your business is now far more competitive than it was before, and every dime you spend on marketing from here on out will produce more revenue and profits (some marketers may even see previously unprofitable campaigns start to show a profit thanks to the increased conversions and “sale-saving” benefits of using a better tracking link).

New Tracking and Analytics Tools from Geniuslink

Here are just a few of the new tools and features you can use to supercharge your links with GioRiot now:

Advanced Targeting

Increase your conversions by defining the exact web page every single user lands on when they click your link. You can customize the link destination (landing page) based on information about your users from their web browser and EP address such as:

  • Country
  • Device
  • Operating System (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, etc.)
  • Date of click (meaning you can change the link destination before, during, and after ANY marketing campaign, turning your pre-promotion and launch campaigns into evergreen money-making machines).

Here’s what else you can do with your customizable tracking links:

  • Change the behavior of the link based off of a date (pre-release / post-release destinations).
  • “Stack” rules to simplify your workflow and make your targeting more powerful.
  • Automatic translation for iTunes / Amazon product links based off Geniuslink’s patented link translation algorithms (each user automatically gets sent to the country or region specific storefront they’re most likely to purchase from).

Total Tracking Link Management

Make real-time changes to your tracking links to optimize their performance. You can:

  • Add / edit the advanced targeting rules and destinations.
  • Add / edit re-targeting pixels for a link.
  • Add / edit affiliate parameters.
  • Edit the final destination of a link anytime you want (even after the link is created and being shared online).

Retargeting on Other People’s Websites

Anyone who’s been around the online marketing world in the past few years knows that retargeting to your website visitors is by far the most profitable audience you can advertise to. But now, you can use retargeting pixels in your own tracking links – and reach your ideal prospects anywhere online!

Geniuslink now Provides Support for Re-targeting Pixels

You can build custom audiences for retargeting from any website!

  • Typically re-targeting, via Javascript snippets, requires administrative access to a website, but email campaigns, social media posts, and ad buys don’t afford this luxury.
  • Embedding retargeting pixels into your links allows you to build a custom audience from direct calls to action from anywhere, not just your own website.
  • Your link integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s advertising services to work directly into your current workflow, so you can take your existing campaigns and supercharge them with whole new retargeting audiences based on users who are most interested in your products and services.

Now you can finally build you audiences by adding retargeting pixels into all your tracking links to use with Google, Facebook and Twitter retargeting campaigns.

Tracking Links with Deep Analytics

Now, you can keep learning from your links to continually increase conversions.

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke & many others.

Just click reports to see detailed reports on eight metrics including referrer, device, OS, destination, and country.

  • Reports for iTunes products include affiliate commissions, earnings per click, and an attribution score (how likely a click led to a purchase of that exact item).

Branded URLs

Use your own custom domain, or subdomain, and define the vanity codes, such as “” instead of a generic tracking URL like

Here are just a fer ow the benefits of using your own custom branded URLs for your tracking links:

  • Improve conversions by providing readers a trusted place to click.
  • Use your own short domain, or create a specific sub domain to use with your links.
  • Customize the code at the end of the link to be short, memorable, and inviting.

How to Use Your New Geniuslink Smart Links

Here are a few examples of ways you can use your new Geniuslink Smart Links to supercharge your links, analytics, retargeting campaigns and more:

Product Launches and Promotions

Create a single link for a movie release, that sends users to your website before the pre-release date to find more info, then sends iOS / Mac OS X users to the film in iTunes within their local country, Kindle devices to their local Amazon storefront, and Android devices to Google Play after the release date. In addition, anyone who does not fall into one of the above categories will automatically be sent to the default link; in this case a preview for the film on YouTube.

Create Global Marketing Campaigns That Convert

Market links for items in your own global storefronts using your own domain and advanced targeting, such as sending all your US consumers to your US store, European consumers to your UK store, etc. Create individual links for items you’re marketing, then retarget them for that specific item later.

You can sign up for Geniuslink here.

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