I recently had the pleasure of interviewing bestselling author and marketing genius Mike Balmaceda on The Publishing Profits Podcast show.

I was so blown away by some of Mike’s awesome marketing strategies and tips he shared with me before, during and after the interview with Mike, I decided to test out his Kindle Bestseller Marketing Service to see how it performs.

This was just a test, not a book launch, as all I wanted to know was the answer to a simple question:

Does this book marketing service actually work, and how many sales can it produce for me in a very short period of time (1-3 days)?”

When you’re doing a book launch, it’s all about momentum. Generating 100 sales over a month is fine, but if you can compress those same sales figures into a short period of time like one to three days, you can get much better results in terms of your bestseller ranking on Amazon and buzz for your book launch.

The Book Marketing Test

I decided to test out the book marketing service with my book Destroy Your Distractions for a couple of reasons.

1) I’m not currently promoting the book, so it would provide some great baseline data without any confounding marketing efforts or sales coming from elsewhere. I wanted the data to be as accurate as possible, and this book provided a great baseline with which to test the results.

2) The book only has 4 reviews which is quite low. I didn’t want to test out the service with a book that has over 100 reviews like The Kindle Publishing Bible, because I know most authors just don’t have 100+ 5-star reviews, so it wouldn’t provide a valid comparison for most other authors.

Four reviews is pretty low, and most authors can do a lot better, and would likely get even better results from a similar promotion with more reviews.

3) At the time the promotion started, Destroy Your Distractions was barely hanging on to the last #100 spot on the bestseller list for Time Management. I wanted to see if we could change that fast with just this one marketing service.

The Baseline

At baseline, before the marketing push began, here’s what the book was doing:

It was selling an average of 2-3 books a day at $2.99.

Sales rank was around #94,000 in the Kindle Store.

Destroy Your Distraction Before Promotion

How The Promotion Works

For the promotion, we lowered the price of the book to 99 cents to make it easier to attract new readers. This was not a Kindle Countdown Deal, so we were left with just 35% royalties instead of 70%.

This helps prove that the extra sales weren’t simply a result of Amazon promoting the book via their Kindle Countdown Deals page.

Mike has three options for the Kindle Bestseller Marketing Service:

The Apprentice at $297

The Power Package at $397

The Rank Superstar at $497

I chose The Rank Superstar which says typical performance is between #1,000 and #3,000 ranking in the paid Kindle store.

Note: As of November 14, 2017, Mike stopped offering this book promotion service. However, we do still provide book promotion services for our publishing clients for free. You can learn more about our book marketing services in our FAQ here.

The Promotion Results

During the promotion, we lowered the price to 99 cents.

I didn’t do ANY additional promotion. I just paid for the book marketing service and lowered the price. Nothing else changed, and I didn’t tell anyone else I was doing a promotion for the book so we could get an accurate picture of the results. Not even a Tweet.

Feb. 3

Day 1 of the promotion we had 61 sales, up from 2 just the day before.

Feb 4.

On day 2, we had 23 sales.

Feb 5.

On day 3, we had 15 sales.

Feb. 6

On day 4 after the promotion ended, we had 4 sales.

Sales Results

Total sales during the promotion were 99. If you subtract the 2-3 sales per day average from before, the new sales generated by the promotion were just over 90 copies.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the book made it to #1 in the Kindle Store and Books for Home Based Businesses, and #2 in the Kindle Store for Time Management.

Destroy Your Distractions #1 Bestseller

Here’s another screenshot of the #1 bestseller tag in Amazon search for the book.

DYD Destroy Your Distractions #1 Home-Based Small Businesses


Here’s what the KDP sales chart looked like before, during and after the promotion.

Destroy Your Distractions Book Marketing Sales Chart

You’ll notice the huge spike in sales between Feb. 3rd and Feb. 5th during the promotion.

Sales Rank

Now, because the sales came so fast, the sales rank skyrocketed and the book became a #1 bestseller in the Home-Based Small Businesses category.


Overall, the bestseller marketing service provided a great boost of 90+ extra sales in just about 72 hours, and provided a huge sales rank boost and drove the book to #1 bestseller status without any additional marketing whatsoever.

So, what’s the big deal?

When you launch your book, you don’t just want a few sales trickling in. You want as many sales as possible as fast as possible to skyrocket your sales ranking and create a huge launch effect which will drive long-term sales.

Adding in Mike’s bestseller service for your next book launch may be a great way to boost your launch results for your next book. Obviously, since you won’t be running a test like this, you can do a lot more promotion and get much better results.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add an extra 100 sales or so for your next book launch, this bestseller service might be a good fit.


When you sign up for a package, Mike offers a few bonuses:

1) An in-depth PDF guide on how to maximize your book promotion results and maintain your sales momentum.

2) The Kindle Publishing Essentials guide with more info on best practices for publishing on Kindle and creating a long-term business as an author and publisher.

3) A free consultation where he personally reviews your book and makes individualized recommendations on how you can improve your results before the promotion actually begins. This way, you don’t miss out on some great sales if you’ve made an earlier mistake with your book’s listing on Amazon.

Mike also threw in several unannounced bonuses that I’m not supposed to mention here, but I can say he provided some solid advice on tips for improving the book’s listing on Amazon, including tips on getting reviews, cover design, title, keywords, book description and more.

How I’ll Use This Service in the Future

Next time, I’ll use Mike’s Bestseller Service a little bit smarter. Instead of just randomly selecting a date, I’ll make sure to use it right when my book launches combined with posting on all the free and paid book promotions sites, posting on social media, sending an email to my list of readers, and other standard promotional efforts for the book launch.

More Info on Amazon Sales Rankings

Not sure what all those sales rankings numbers mean or how Amazon’s bestseller lists work? Check out the complete training program on Amazon’s bestseller lists at www.bestsellerrankingpro.com

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