A few days ago, Amazon made an update to KDP which changed how HTML can be used in Kindle book descriptions via KDP.

In the past, you had to use &lt; and &gt; instead of < and > to make the HTML render properly. Now you can just use the more common HTML < and > instead.

Kindle Book Description

In addition, it appears you can no longer add images to your book descriptions via KDP. I’m not sure if this was intended or if the change will be permanent, so I emailed Amazon and here’s what they said:

Amazon KDP HTML Update

Hello Tom,

Thank you for your message.

I understand you have some questions about the new book’s description format.

At the moment, we only allow certain types of HTML tags to be used when formatting content in your “Product Description”.

The approved HTML tags are: “b”, “br”, “em”, “font”, “h1”, “h2”, “h3”, “h4”, “h5”, “h6”, “hr”, “i”, “li”, “ol”, “p”, “pre”, “s”, “strike”, “strong”, “sub”, “sup”, “u” and “ul”.

The purpose of this change is to have standardized Kindle Book descriptions as there were many descriptions that unfortunately weren’t following our guidelines.

In regards to your question about the WYSIWYG editor, we will consider your feedback as we plan further improvements.

Publisher feedback serves an important role in helping us to improve our platform and provide better service.

Thanks for taking time to offer us your thoughts.

If you have any other doubt or question I can help you with, please let me know. I’ll be glad to assist you.

Thank you for using Amazon KDP.

HTML You Can Use In Your Book Descriptions

So, according to Amazon, these are the tags you can use now in your book descriptions:


Hopefully, Amazon will allow images in book descriptions once more… we’ll keep you updated!

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