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Chris Fox is the bestselling author of several books including No Such Thing As Werewolves. He works as an engineer writing and creating iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps.

Chris started out as an Executive Vice President at a major mortgage bank until the Financial Crisis hit.

He decided to switch to a customer service job, and in his spare time in between answering customer service calls began to write his first novel.

Here are just a few of the great ideas Chris shares in this interview:

  • Why every first draft is terrible, and how this knowledge can help you be more productive and less stressed.
  • How writing a novel is almost exactly like writing iPhone apps (and why Chris recommends a little bit of plotting and preparation to save you a lot of time in the writing process).
  • Why Chris “starts from the end” when he comes up with a new book idea, and how he crafts his books around his very best scenes.
  • Why Chris is always working on two novels at once (one in the writing stage and one plotting).
  • How Chris just wrote the entire first draft for his newest book in just two weeks (14 days!)
  • Chris’ schedule for success (hint: it starts at 5am with a trip to the gym where he spends his time working out and thinking about his writing).
  • Why Chris always sets a goal to write 5,000 words in one hour (and how he uses Freedom to block his internet and be more productive).
  • Why writing is like a muscle, and how to work yourself into having a literary six-pack even if you love Dungeons & Dragons as much as Chris does.
  • Why you MUST find your target audience and ideal customer so you can get more book sales without wasting time on unproductive marketing strategies.
  • How Chris uses Google AdWords to sell more books and earns a great profit doing it (this is a BIG IDEA for you novelists so pay close attention!)
  • How Chris uses Amazon keywords to sell more books.
  • How to learn more about your ideal readers from the shows they watch, the books they read, and where they spend time on the internet.
  • How to turn your unproductive web surfing time into super-sales producing activity that you’ll love and enjoy even more.
  • Why Chris hired an Author Assistant to help him wit market research so he could spend his time more productively attracting potential readers on forums.
  • How Chris uses Amazon Associates affiliate links to track his ROI and marketing results so that he knows what advertising actually makes him a profit.
  • The scientific basis for Werewolves (yes, they really are real!)
  • Why you should never mention your book in forums, and how to use forum signatures to sell more books instead (interestingly enough, I met Chris through this post on the Kboards forum).

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Other Mentions

Toastmasters – Chris recommends authors go check out a Toastmasters meeting in your local community.

CellScope is the startup Chris works at. They create really cool devices like a microscope that connects to your iPhone.

Chris is working on developing an awesome app for the Apple watch called BeatShuffle.


Chris and I both highly recommend reading and re-reading Getting Things Done by David Allen.

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