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Note: If you’re an author looking to submit your book to the Readers Choice Awards, please fill out the Entry Form on the Readers Choice Awards submissions page. 

Read This: How to Vote 

  • You may have to disable pop-up blockers to vote depending on your web browser. The pop-up notification when you vote is necessary so that bots and spammers cannot vote.
  • If you are clicking on a book to vote but nothing is happening, scroll down the page and click “Change Vote” (it’s right above the “Share on Facebook” button)
  • You can vote one time for ONLY ONE BOOK per category.
  • Just click the arrows on the left and right side of the voting form to navigate between categories.
  • Click on the BOOK TITLE of your favorite book to cast your vote and then you’re set to view your results.
  • To change vote, just click on the “CHANGE VOTE” option on the lower left corner of the voting form (just above the Facebook sharing option) and then click on the title of the book you want to change your vote into
  • Only one vote per IP address will be accepted. Offices and schools usually only have one IP address, so it would be best to vote from home to avoid losing votes.
  • The awards committee will check the legitimacy of each vote before announcing the winners.










Categories are arranged in the following order (from Left to Right accordingly) 

1. Advice
2. Business and Investing
3. Self-Help
4. Health
5. General Nonfiction
6. Memoir
7. Romance
8. Fantasy
9. Thriller
10. Mystery
11. Children’s Book
12. YA and Middle Grade
13. General Fiction
14. Historical Fiction
15. Science Fiction
16. Religion 


Note: You can click the LEFT arrow navigation from the ADVICE category to get to the RELIGION category in just 1 click, 2 clicks for Science Fiction Category and so on. 


Voting Security


Because of past manipulation of votes, we require all voters to validate your identity using social media. This information is not stored on our servers, and we do not collect or use any of your social media data or identity when you vote. 

The only reason you have to connect your social media account when you vote is to verify that you are a unique human being and not a bot. 

If you do not see the pop-up when you vote, you will have to disable the pop-up blocker setting for your web browser on this page. 

You can see our privacy policy for more information.