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Mike Balmaceda is an author and online marketing genius. He helps authors sell more books and build a massive following of raving fan readers. In today’s show, Mike shares a few powerful marketing tips on how you can sell more books starting right now including:

How to use Facebook ads to skyrocket your book sales (while still earning a profit – which is something very few authors have pulled off until now.)

How to price your Paperback books to maximize your royalties and help you sell more eBooks (if you’ve already published print books and eBooks before, you will immediately see why this simple free strategy is so powerful).

How to get audiobooks produced and published professionally 100% for free, and earn an extra $50 to 300 a month or more per book by NOT doing the narration, production and mastering for your audiobook.

Plus, you’ll learn a super-powerful book promotion strategy that can dramatically boost your sales and email list for free.

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Show Notes

For audiobook narration, production and distribution, check out It’s your one-stop shop for turning your books into audiobooks.

Note: As of November 14, 2017, Mike stopped offering this book promotion service. However, we do still provide book promotion services for our publishing clients for free. You can learn more about our book marketing services in our FAQ here.

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