David Kazzie is the author of Jackpot. He’s the creator of the viral videos So You Want to Go to Law School and So You Want to Write a Novel which led to a lot of attention from the publishing industry, and helped David land his first agent. In the interview, David shares his unique story along with some insights and tips on writing fiction, self publishing, traditional publishing and how to succeed as an author.

Here are just a few of the topics David shares on the show:

  • How David created a viral video that lead to him finding a literary agent.
  • Why being creative when it comes to marketing and building your platform is crucial to success.
  • How the internet is changing things quickly, and so your best bet is to experiment with new marketing ideas and try new things until you figure out what works (yep, there’s a lot of trial-and-error involved, but it’s part of the creative process).
  • Why David’s literary agent recommended self publishing and how they pulled off a big book launch together.
  • How the traditional publishing industry is changing fast due to the eBook revolution, POD publishing (Print on Demand technology), and industry shifts (and how to take advantage of these changes as you’re building your career as an author).
  • And a few other golden nuggets…

To learn more about David, check out his blog and his author page on Amazon.

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