18 Books Every Author Should Read, and How to Increase Your Readership and Sell More Books


So, you want to increase your readership, sell more books and grow your author platform? Here’s what you need to do: Read and write every day. Period. There is no secret to success as an author. It’s a pretty simple process. Definitely not easy – but simple. The writing is important because, well, that’s you [...]


What to Do When You Get Writer’s Block, Feel Stuck or Just Don’t Know What to Write

writer's block writing stock photo

You’ve got some free time and you want to write… but nothing comes. What’s the deal with writer’s block? Writer’s block is a broad term that many writers and authors use for a variety of different symptoms from not knowing what to write about, not being able to focus or concentrate when you’re writing, not [...]


Why Every Author and Small Business Owner Should Be Building an Email List (and How to Do it for Free)

book marketing bible #1 authorship bestseller

Email marketing is the most effective and profitable marketing strategy today. Period. Two weeks ago, I did a marketing test with the launch of my newest book The Book Marketing Bible. I only promoted the book with one single email to my list. No review requests, no social media, no blogging, no video trailer, no interviews, [...]


The Amazon Hachette Publishing War: Why Jeff Bezos Looks Like a Saint Compared to the Big Publishers

Angry Authors and Publishers

Lots of authors and publishers are in an uproar over Amazon’s latest dispute with Hachette where Amazon is listing books from the major publisher as “unavailable,” or offering an inconvenient 3-5 week waiting period for shipping certain books. Some have derided Amazon’s actions as unethical and possibly illegal, but I think these hyped-up statements being [...]


The Six Key Foundations of Marketing You Must Know to Double Your Book Sales

The Book Marketing Bible by Tom Corson-Knowles

After investing $100,000 in a college degree from the #1 ranked undergraduate Entrepreneurship program in the country, I soon realized I needed to start studying marketing even more intensely if I actually wanted to get good at marketing and building a business from scratch. Over the past five years since I graduated, I’ve invested another $100,000+ in [...]


What Every Fiction Author Should Know About Writing and Publishing. Key Takeaways from the 2014 Kauai Writer’s Conference

Tom Corson-Knowles Speaking at Kauai Writer's Conference

I had the pleasure of attending the Kauai Writer’s Conference this weekend in Kauai, Hawaii. It was amazing! The speakers and the attendees were full of energy and passion. I met a lot of great people and learned a lot in the process as well. The speakers included me (talking about self publishing and book marketing), [...]