Customizable Tracking Links with Geotargeting, Retargeting and Deep Analytics. The Ultimate Guide to Creating Better Tracking Links for eCommerce

Tracking Links

Online commerce has become a massive¬†industry, and thanks to technology it's much easier (and more affordable) for any small business owner, author, creator or entrepreneur to reach customers all over the world. This presents an amazing opportunity for anyone promoting or selling … [Read more...]

Why I Switched My Keyboard from QWERTY to Colemak. How to Type Faster with a More Efficient Keyboard Layout

Colemak Keyboard Layout photo

As I'm writing these words right now, I have to admit it's quite challenging to find the right keys and avoid making mistakes and typos! That's because I just switched my keyboard layout to Colemak from QWERTY. If you have no idea what that means, bear with me because this one … [Read more...]

One Link to Rule Them All – How To Generate a Universal Amazon Affiliate Link for Every Country

universal amazon book links

If you've ever tried promoting your books online (or if you're an Amazon affiliate), you've probably run into a really frustrating, time-consuming problem... When promoting your book online, you have to generate different links for every single country and every Amazon store … [Read more...]