How Seth Godin Sells Millions of Books. A Simple Idea That Will Change Your Life (And Your Book Sales)

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Seth Godin is an icon in the online marketing, blogging and tech world. He’s also an incredibly successful author with several self published books as well as many traditionally published books for which he gets offered way-above-average advances. I just checked out some of Seth’s new books on Amazon, and as I was browsing his author page [...]


The Biggest Marketing Mistake Authors Make and How To Guarantee a Profit Instead of Throwing Your Money Away

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Choosing your book title is the single most important decision you will make that will determine how well your book sells. And most authors have no idea why. Most self published authors really mess up this step. If you get this wrong, it’s going to destroy your potential for selling a lot of books. To understand why, you [...]


The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Amazon Book Reviews (Part 2)

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In Part 1 on getting Amazon reviews for your books, I covered the most important guiding principle to receiving anything in life. That is this, “If you want to get something of value, you must give something of value first.”  In the case of Kindle book reviews, this means giving high quality content people naturally [...]